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Ilyas Toumlilt

PhD, Distributed and Operating Systems Engineer

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Hello World! Welcome to my personal website.

I'm a Systems Software Engineer and a PhD in Distributed Systems; My R&D topics concern the design of highly-available cloud and edge storage systems, data replication and consistency protocols, and the implementation of the Linux Kernel. I made several Open Source contributions around these topics.

I teach Master and Licence Operating Systems lectures at Sorbonne University.

I'm also a tech enthusiast, knowledgeable about Blockchains and a track and field athlete.

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2021_12_21 Thesis Defense

PhD Thesis Defense

My thesis defense, completed within the LIP6 Delys INRIA team and titled "Colony: A Hybrid Consistency System for Highly-Available Collaborative Edge Computing".
Defended on Tuesday 21 December 2021 at 13:00 (Paris Time).
This article contains an archive of the video presentation, the thesis manuscript and related blog posts.

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2021_11_01 Colony Paper

Highly-Available and Consistent Group Collaboration at the Edge with Colony

Edge applications, such as gaming, cooperative engineering, or in-the-field information sharing, enjoy immediate response, autonomy and availability by distributing and replicating data at the edge. However, application developers and users demand the highest possible consistency guarantees, and specific support for group collaboration. To address this challenge, Colony guarantees Transactional Causal Plus Consistency (TCC+) globally, strengthened to Snapshot Isolation within edge groups. To help with scalability, fault tolerance and security, its logical communication topology is forest-like, with replicated roots in the core cloud, but with the flexibility to migrate a node or a group. Despite this hybrid approach, applications enjoy the same semantics everywhere in the topology. Our experiments show that local caching and peer groups improve throughput and response time significantly, performance is not affected in offline mode, and that migration is seamless.

Keywords : Causal Consistency, Collaborative Computing, Edge Computing, CRDTs, Peer-to-Peer Systems.

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2021_04_24 AntidoteDB

AntidoteDB open source

AntidoteDB is a highly available geo-replicated key-value database. AntidoteDB provides features that help programmers to write correct applications while having the same performance and horizontal scalability as AP/NoSQL databases. Furthermore, AntidoteDB operations are based on the principle of synchronization-free execution by using Conflict-free replicated datatypes (CRDTs).

This project is an Open Source collaboration from my thesis at Sorbonne University, on the LightKone and the SyncFree European projects.

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